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Drying process:
The puffed rice bran contains about 12% water, and the best moisture for leaching process is 7-9%, therefore, there must be effective drying means to achieve the best leaching moisture.Adopting counter-current dryer can make water and temperature meet with follow-up process requirements, and improve the oil yield, as well as oil quality.
Pretreatment process feature:
1.Different combinations of process can process various oil plants in one workshop.
2.Use special intensified pretreatment technology for aroma peanut oil to make it more aroma.
3.Adopt advanced and reliable shelling technology to meet higher requirements for protein content in meal.
4.Extrusion treatment is used for raw materials with hard extraction, large-sized powder, and large capacity, which can reduce residual oil and solvent consumption, and increase the capacity by 50-80%.
5.The new technology of shelling and low-temperature treatment can ensure high protein and least denaturation.