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Introduction of oilseeds pretreatment machine: Pretreatment and prepressing section is a very important section before extraction. It will directly affect extraction effect. The set of pretreatment and prepressing equipment includes cleaning, dehulling, separating, drying, crushing, softening, germ pressing, steaming, roasting and prepressing sections and so on.


1. Cleaning

1).According to different particle size between oilseeds and impurities,remove big and small impurities from oilseeds with vibrating screen.

2). Stones removal. According to different specific gravity and suspended velocity between oilseeds and stones, stones fall down and oilseeds suspend under the action of air flow to separate stones from oilseeds.

3). Magnetic selection. It uses magnet to remove metal impurities from oilseeds. Strong and uniform magnetism attract metals automaically and remove metals to prevent oilseeds carrying stones away, attracted metals by permanent magnet fall down automatically when metals reach non-magnetic area.

4). Remove impurities whose size is similiar to oilseeds according to different mechanical performance between oilseeds and clods, crush clods and then separate them through screen selection or wind selection.


2. Husking Adopt wind selection and screen selection methods to separate husks from kernels.

3. Crushing Before flaking, crush big oilseeds into smaller pieces to increase superficial area, beneficial for transfering softening temperature and moisture, improve softening efficiency.

4. Softening Adjust moisture and temperature of oilseeds to improve their plastivity and reach required flaking condition.

5. Flaking Roll oilseeds from pellets to thin flakes through mechanical method.

6.Cooking Steam and cook green-pressing to cooked flakes through moist, heating, steaming and cooking to break the cellular structure so as to improve pressing oil yield and improve quality of oil and cake or meal.

7.Pre-pressing For oilseeds with high oil content, it needs pre-pressing to press part of oil firstly and then extract residual oil in cake through solvent extraction method. Raw materials of oil pretreatment equipment involved: soybean, peanut, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, palm nuts, linseed, tea seed, corn embryo, rice bran, oil seeds, etc.