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Craft flow for rice bran pretreatment workshop

Rice bran → magnetic box → cleaning → puffing machine → plate dryer → to extraction workshop




Main Equipments:

1.Magnetic box: Clearing the iron impurity in the rice bran. In order to avoid the harmful to the following machines, the iron impurity need be moved first.

2.Cleaning: There are many different imputities in the rice bran, such as small stone, earth, straw and so on. They are not only broken the machine, but also effect the quality of final oil.

3.Puffing machine: The size of rice bran is very small, so it's not easy to press it.We will puff it and make it to small pellet. Then it will absorb more solvent in the solvent extraction section. The more oil will be extracted out.

4.Plate dryer: The water content of the extractor must be about 10%, so the dryer is used to adjust the water content in this step.