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Rice Bran Oil Refinery Crude oil can be refined as Second,first and high class cooking oil.It can be heated by thermal oil and Omitted the boiler. The refinery can be operated easily and intermittent.It has all the functions of Large and medium-sized refinery and widely used.

The unit is integrated in one assembly factory.It has the advantage of convient transportion,small covering area,less operation staff and saving energy.It is no need of special plant and special equipment.It can be set indoor and outdoor. Main steps of refinery section in rice bran oil processing plant.




1.Neutralizing: This pot is used to degum and deacidify.

2.Decolorizing (bleaching) : The function of this part is to move the color of the oil.The color of the oil can be controlled by yourself.

3.Deodorizing: This is the part to move the odor of oil.

4.Dewaxing: This is the special part for rice bran oil. Because rice bran oil includes much wax, we must move the out.