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 About Our Company:
A. 30 years manufacturing experience.
B. 60 technical engineers research on new efficient processing craft and instruct manufacturing and installation.
C. 80 technicians-professional installation team with rich and mature installation and training experience.
D.10 senior engineer.
E. CE, ISO9001,BV,etc.
About Rice Bran Oil Process:
Rice bran  - pretreatment - oil solvent extraction - oil refinery - packing
Rice bran oil production pretreatment:
The pretreatment process , the rice bran need to be have a  magnetic separation  ,removing the 
small iron . Then we need to clean the rice bran ,wipe off  the middle or samll light impurities
Then exrusion puffing , make the oil come out easily .After that ,we need to make the rice bran dry ,whicn control the moisture between 9-9.5 % . Then we send the rice bran to extractor for 
leaching .
The process 
Rice bran→Magnetic separation→Cleaning →Extrusion Puffing →Counter-current drying→To leaching plant
Rice bran oil solvent extraction: 
When we get the  rice bran  seed cake from pretreatment ,we need to put the cake to the 
extractor .Then the solvent oil dissolve in the oil . We get the mixed oil  . We heat the mixed oil by vapor . And the solvent changes gas . Then we get the oil from the cake .
The process is oil extracted - wet meal desolvation - mixed oil vaporation - stripping by steam - 
solvent recovery