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Process of oil refinery plant

1. Degumming tank is for remove solubility impurity in the crude oil.

2.Decolour tank is for bleaching grease.

3.Deodorizing tank is for desdorizing grease(stainless steel).

4.Conducting oil furnace provide thermal enery need for production, the temperature reach to 280degree.

5.Vacuum pump provides vacuum for bleaching, deodorization which can reach 755mmHg or more;

6.Air compreassor can dry the bleached clay

7.Filter press is for filter clay

8.Steam generator can generate steam distillation required.

9.This kind of oil refining eqiupment make the oil reach the standard level national edible oil.


Technical flow chart

1.Neutralizer It’s used for ridding off acid ,degumming .

2.Decolorizer It’s used for ridding off/reducing the color of the oil .

3.Deodorizer It’s used for ridding off odor of the oil .

4.Transfer oil furence It’s used supplying for the heats required to the line ,it could make the temperature up to 280 degrees.

5.Air pressurer Blow to dry the Clay for decoloring .

6.Oil filter Clear the oil decolorized .

7.Steam producer Producing steams of high temperater for deodorizer .

8.Neutralizing , There is 2 methods according to adding different quantity alikali and different oil temperature .

9.One is weak alkali(10-16 Be) and high oil temperature (75 degrees),who is only used for weak colour and low acidity; the other is low temperature(20 degrees orso ) and density alkali(20 Be orso),whose is used more . 10. Decolorizer Pump the oil netralized into decolorizer vessel,samely mixing to rise its temperature to 90 degrees, then mixing fr 30 mins,to reduce water to 0.1%