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Our company can undertake 10-1000T/D soybean oil project, including engineering design, equipment manufacturing technical services, product research and development etc. There are 8 workshops and hundreds of projects in our company. We offer oil machines with excellent quality,advanced technology and best after-sale service, including installation, commissioning, training workers to operate machines. If you have any questions, pls contact with us by phone or email. We will solve it for you asap.


Main refining process

1.hydration(degumming):when add hot water into hydration pot,note that the temperature of hot water is higher than oil's. THe amout of hot water added is 5% oil's. This hydration method is adaptable to soybean,rapeseed,cotton seed and other phospholipid hydrophily crops.(If it is rice bran ,you shall add phosphoric acid into the refining pot.)

2.bleaching:first,use bag type filter to filter oil from step one.oil into bleaching tank,heat it to 105 degrees for dehydration.then,add white clay into the bleaching tank,meanwhile stir fast with double speed motor.

3.deodorization:filter oil from step two with leaf filter first,then again filter with bag type filter.oil into deodorization tank,begin to deodorize.

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