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1.copra oil extraction plant for pretreatment line: It is used for removing the stones, sands in of the soya, at the meanwhile, it will crush, soften, flak, cook and heat the soya to make oil easy to extract out.

2.copra oil extraction plant for press line: Pressing is used for extracting the soya oil , the final residue is about 5%-7%, it is usually used for processing small capacities, such as 5tons/d, 10tons/d, 20tons/d.

3.copra oil extraction plant for refinery line: It is used for removing the FFA, Phospholipid, Pigment and bean odors and other impurities in the crude oil. It can effectively to improve the soya oil quality.

1.Prepressing Equipments include: oil prepressing equipements, Steam and frying machine.This step is press the raw material into crude oil.

2.Leaching Equipments include extracting equipment, Desolventizer toaster.This step is separate oil from the oil meal.

3.Oil refining equipment: Oil pump, Oil filter, Decolouration. Our products include 5 major series, over 80 kinds,covering coconut oil machine, rice bran oil machine,cottonseed dephenolization protein machine,lignite wax extraction machine,and other oilseed pretreatment&prepressing,solvent extraction and oil refining machinery.