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The wonderful health benefits of rice bran oil machine

Crude rice bran oil contains free fatty acids, bran wax, phospholipids, proteins, pigments, as edible oil needs further refining and refining, remove these impurities. A small rice bran oil processing plant: crude rice bran oil refining process, removing impurities, wax, water, alkali refining, washing, dewatering and deodorization, refining of rice bran oil.


Impurity - oil is heated to 90 DEG C, with press filter.

Paraffin  removal - rice bran oil in the wax content is generally 3%-5%. bran wax can not be absorbed by the human body, no edible value, must be removed, so as not to affect the quality of oil.

Water -- the first crude rice bran oil heated to 65-70 DEG C and then added under stirring more equal to the temperature of the hot water, the amount of oil 5% stirring 40-60min, when the temperature rises to 80 degrees and then stop heating, stirring for 25 minutes, at 4-6 hours.

Alkali refining - alkali refining before determination of crude rice bran oil acid value.



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