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The little-known story of rice bran oil machine

Now on the market all kinds of press brand types, consumers how to choose rice bran oil press machine, now Zhengzhou First company for you to answer to buy oil press, we need to pay attention to what some questions.


1, The purchase of rice bran oil press, first to determine the press according to their own needs, the main rice bran oil press what material yield;

2,As a customer, want to buy high quality and inexpensive things, this problem relates to the price, if the price is too low, it is mainly caught some of the cheap user psychology, once you pay a deposit, the last is not easy; if the price is too high, likely as customers spend money; in short we bought in the press before the election, we must do a good job in market research;

3, Quality problems, such as the work is not fine, making the rice bran oil rate;

4, After sale service problems, for example: there is no shelf life, do not sign the after saleservice agreement, less component installation, and other problems, as customers should pay attention. 

Tens of thousands of rice bran oil making machine :