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The powerful analysis about rice bran marketing

China is the world's largest  countries producing  rice, rice production accounts for 40% for global production and  annual output of rice achieves 180 million tons.So choosing high quality  rice bran oil press is necessary. Rice production accounts for about 6% to 10% of the total paddy production, at 6 percent, China's annual output of up to 10 million tons of rice bran, the world's most resource-rich rice bran. Rice bran oil 15% to 20% at 15% of the total, China's annual production of 1.5 million tons of rice bran oil. Experts agree that if they can make full use of rice bran oil, rice bran oil can definitely be the strengthening of the security of an important new force.


In the development and utilization of rice bran oil, most notably in Japan. Japan limited land resources, small rice acreage, mostly dependent on imported rice from Vietnam, India and other countries. But in recent years, Japan still appears a group of professional rice bran oil development company, developed a high quality, stable performance, clear all kinds of refined rice bran oil, rice bran oil by-products in addition to a very fine deep processing and utilization such as the use of rice husk as fuel, the use of rice husk ash preparation of crystalline silicon; bran meal for the production of animal feed and phytic acid and inositol; phospholipid prepared using rice bran oil, rice bran wax, oryzanol, sterols and squalene.

Similarly, although the United States with an annual output of rice is only 2% of world production, but the US Nutracea is stabilized rice bran nutrient research and global leader in the field of technology, they produce stabilized rice bran has been widely used in food and feed, and other fields.

What is the rice bran oil pretreatment machine? :