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Tens of thousands of rice bran oil making machine

Pretreatment rice bran: rice bran feed may contain small amounts of impurities, the filter is removed; then quenched into the system, to feed through into a small amount of steam to soften, to facilitate the subsequent squeeze out of oil.


Rice bran oil press: after pretreatment rice bran directly into the hydraulic press, the use of cold-pressed way, most of the rice bran oil squeeze extruded rice bran oil is crude oil, refining plant directly into the physical refining purification; press cake produced containing part of crude oil into the leaching plant was further extracted crude oil. Leaching: oil meal into the reader, wherein the solvent is added to n-hexane, so that the fat cake was dissolved in a solvent, mixing the composition of oil, mixed oil through the filter medium, wherein the end of the meal contained in the solid entrapping i.e., to give more clean mixed oil.


Miscella evaporation: the use of oil is hardly volatile, low boiling point solvents, easy volatilization characteristics, using steam heating coils vaporize most of the solvent was distilled off, so that the concentration of oil in the mixed oil is greatly improved.

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