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Who's your pick for best rice bran oil machine?

Pretreatment rice bran: rice bran may contain small amounts of impurities, the filter is removed; and then cooled to the system, a small amount of steam, to soften to facilitate subsequent squeeze out the oil. After pretreatment rice directly into the , rice bran oil press machine, using cold method, most of the rice bran oil, rice bran oil is squeezed out of crude oil, refining plant directly into the physical refining purification; containing crude oil extraction plant manufacturing the part of the filter cake into the further extraction of crude oil. Leaching: oil meal into the reader, wherein said solvent is added to n-hexane, fat cake was dissolved in a solvent, evaporation of the mixed oil through the filter medium, the composition of the mixed oil, mixed oil: the use of oil is less volatile, low boiling solvents, volatile properties, the use of steam heating coils evaporate most of the solvent was distilled off, so that the oil is greatly improved in the concentration of the mixed oil.


A mixed phase from the oil tank to the mixing tube in tube evaporator, the solvent was evaporated first length, through a condenser to a distillation separation chamber; mixed oil concentrate long tube into the second evaporator for evaporating, the solvent was evaporated vapor separator chamber after entering the second steam condenser. By the first and second evaporator through a vapor phase, wherein the non-aqueous solvent after the cooling and heat exchange cooling flow directly into the recycle solvent tank。