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Rice bran oil machine prospects analysis

Rice bran oil through rice bran crude oil refining,  is taken cortex and germ processing, nutrient-rich, 80% of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, the highest concentration of rice bran oil polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio: 2.1: 1.8, close to the American Heart Association and the World optimal intake of fatty acids WHO recommended 1: 2.1: 1.1, known as "fat heart", rice bran oil has attracted the interest of many health food enthusiasts, it has become sunflower oil, corn germ oil after another a new health food oil.


Currently, rice bran oil, far more than the soybean oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil and other traditional price, the US market is very promising. In some European countries, rice bran oil is also very popular, it's worth far more than other vegetable oils.
The chemical structure of rice bran oil is very unique, it is consistent with people's recommendations of dietary fatty acids, and fatty acids 20% saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids, 80% unsaturated oleic acid 38%, 40% linoleic acid, which is consistent with the typical oleic - linoleic fatty class. Linoleic acid can reduce excess cholesterol deposition in the vessel wall, can prevent atherosclerosis, while rice bran oil contains vitamin E, squalene, fatty acids, enzymes, oryzanol, phytosterols and other dozens of physiologically active natural ingredients with significant role in regulating the body's function, promote metabolism. Data shows that in the past few years, from Japan, rice bran oil, the United States more than 20 million pounds, mostly used as nutritional cooking oil, a small amount for the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries imports annually.

 Rice bran oil is good for health: