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Research and Practice on rice bran oil making machine

At present, China's annual consumption of edible oil up to about 25 million T, and produced only about 10 million Ton:  accounting for  40% of total consumption, 60% rely on imports, rice bran oil making machines are seriously insufficient in China. Grain and edible oil as a special commodity which is related to the safety of national survival, as we like a population country, its excessive dependence on imports is not conducive to national stability and long period of stability. In this case, to vigorously develop new energy, to minimize the consumption of edible oil in the application of non (such as biodiesel), improve China's edible oil self-sufficiency rate of all, is a bounden duty.


Full use of rice bran oil  resources, vigorously develop the rice bran oil, is an important way. It is understood that China's annual output of 2 tons of rice in the rice bran, according to 7% yield calculation, annual output of rice bran is about 14 million T, if all these For oil, oil yield by four 14%, with an annual output of four rice bran oil is about 2 million T, will enhance China's edible oil self-sufficiency rate has played an important role. But, unfortunately, China currently only less than 20% of the rice bran oil preparation for more than 80%, directly as feed oil the oil source, resulting in a large number of waste, distressing. As everyone knows, because of the rice bran rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid and various kinds of nutritional lipids, has been a senior nutrition health care oil industry and nutrition experts are respected, with the promotion of rice bran puffing leaching technology and improving, making rice bran oil and there is no problem. Currently restricting the technical difficulties of large-scale development of rice bran oil in China's refining of rice bran oil. Because of China's rice bran oil production plant is generally small, production technology and equipment used in the production of rice bran oil is relatively backward, mostly deep color, high wax content, Poor taste, its commercial value greatly decreased, also affects the as the performance of the raw materials of food industry. Although many manufacturers claim that their rice bran oil products for fourth grade oil, but not everyone can really can reach the fourth grade oil standard, seriously restricted the rice bran oil market. We engaged in refining of rice bran oil research and production practice for many years, we hereby put forward the our experience for your reference.