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The story of rice bran oil making machine

 Rice, Asia and even the world,  is most important food crop. 64% of the rice nutrition in rice husk and rice germ, about 60% of the nutrition contains in the aleurone layer and embryo (Mi Zhen). Current rice bran crude oil refining in the bran and germ, 150 kg of rice can be extracted from 1 liter of rice oil. In Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and China's Taiwan region, also known as the mysterious meters oil, R & D and edible long history and continues to accelerate, the future rice oil will skim isolated from Mi Zhen.


Rice oil alone with oryzanol, vitamin E content is much higher than other edible oil. In addition rice oil smoke points higher, Jianchao fried oil relative to other families oil fume slightly less a little, a little more healthy. Rice oil per 100 grams of saturated fatty acid content was 23.2, single unsaturated fatty acid content was 42.2, polyunsaturated fatty acid content is 34.5, the ratio is close to 1:1:1, close to the World Nutrition Association recommended standard, is a kind of high-quality natural healthy oils.