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The Ways of the Rice Bran Extrusion

There are two types of rice bran oil making machine:dry and wet puffing. Dry rice bran extrusion production line that is coming from rice bran directly into the extruder within its expanded dry. That wet rice bran extrusion machine bore directly inject a small amount of steam puffed rice bran process to improve the material within the extruder temperature and humidity. Dry puffing less equipment investment, simple process, it can not puffed rice and puffed before after extruded material specialized for moisture and temperature regulation, but the device processes than smaller, power consumption is several times higher than the wet puffing, mechanical wear and tear fast, and rice bran enzyme inactivation is not thorough enough, generally only suitable for small-scale production. Advantages of wet puffing is completely expanded process fuel cell destruction, the mechanical strength of extruded pellets, a size and a great capacity, with more internal porosity, the outer surface of the oil more free, better oil extraction effect.our company have the patent of the rice bran extrusion machine.


Expanded Solutions to process rice bran lipase, lipoxygenase, phospholipase enzyme inactivation of enzymes more thorough, so oleic acid leaching gross price reduced, reducing the non-hydrated phospholipid content and acid value rise slowly during storage, leaching hair good oil quality. In addition, the introduction of direct steam puffing process, improve the temperature and moisture of rice bran, to soften, so that extruder production increased, slowing mechanical wear, reduce power consumption, usually in 15KW.h / t. But the higher water wet pellets after puffing up to 13-15%, the need for cooling equipment with good drying extruded material temperature and moisture regulating, moisture down to 5% -7% to leaching, it is more dry bulked large technology investment costs. Wet puffed rice bran extrusion plant is currently widely used in medium-sized craft.