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Pretreatment of rice bran with expanded

Process of rice bran expansion: rice bran, cleaning, conditioning, expansion, drying and cooling


Operation process of rice bran expanding pretreatment process:

1) Clean. Clean rice bran is designed to remove iron, stone sand and other hardwoods and broken rice, straw, plant straw, sacks and bags of debris, avoid the effect of puffing effect due to damage and puffing machine jams. Cleaning is the main method of screening and magnetic separation. Iron rice bran in miscellaneous usually let the rice bran by installing in at the feed port of the strip type magnets to be removal. In the expansion process, general requirements impurity content is less than 3%.

2) And quenching and tempering is refers to before the rice bran into extrusion machine, first the rice bran preheat, process and adjust the moisture content of rice bran rice bran. Raw water, have a certain influence in the machine temperature and ambient temperature on the extrusion machine, which determines the material moisture content of rice bran expanding elastic and plastic rice bran. The water is too high, the material flexibility is poor, can not produce enough pressure and heat to destroy cells and enzymes; while the water is too low, the material plasticity is poor, will make the expansion of high temperature of coking material, material and color deepened, easy to plug the extruder, can not produce good bulking material after quenching and tempering treatment of rice bran. Temperature control in 65 ~ 75 degrees centigrade, water control in 11% ~ 13%.

3) By means of extrusion puffing to extruder was injected into high-pressure steam and hot water to improve the temperature and humidity inside the extruder, the rice bran powder by high temperature, high pressure, shear, friction, such as instantaneous explosion, polymerization into porous, permeable column structure is better. The puffed rice bran water the higher, up to about 14%. The expansion of rice bran, tissue was completely destroyed, extruded material particles of solid, powder of small bulk density, with more internal porosity, the outer surface is free of oil more, increasing grain size and mechanical strength. In the leaching, solvent permeability of material layer is greatly improved the leaching rate increased, can increase the yield, leaching, leaching time shortened; soluble material ratio, steam consumption can reduce solvent consumption and mixed oil evaporation; wet meal after leaching solution containing low desolution equipment can reduce the wet meal load and steam consumption at the same time, The acid value of rice bran lipase and lipoxygenase and phospholipase enzymes passivation is more thorough and the leaching of crude oil is reduced, and the storage in the process of acid value rose slowly, non hydrated phospholipid content decreased, improve leaching quality of crude oil. During operation in the extruder must to ensure enough continuous and stable to the extruder feed, not the material flow, to assure the working pressure puffing machine presses out in the chest cavity. Within the extruder temperature is usually 105 ~ 140 DEG C, the squeezing chamber pressure for the 13 MPa. Rice bran puffing process generally l0 ~ 30 seconds.

4) Drying, cooling water from the extruded material. The extruder is too large, the temperature is too high, not suitable for direct leaching must, after drying, cooling and tempering treatment, the water reached 7% ~ 9%, the temperature reached 50 degrees to 55 degrees, to meet the requirements. After the leaching process of puffed rice bran is generally used in plate dryer or air dryer for drying and cooling. The rice bran with small particles, powder is large, easy adhesion, easy to plug, therefore, hopper equipment connection, transport channel and transport equipment should be used in large diameter, size and verticality, in order to facilitate the circulation of rice bran. In addition, because just finished puffing rice bran with high temperature, high moisture content, the columnar structure materials of low hardness, brittle characteristics, therefore, it should not be used to transport particles caused by screw conveyor broken, and should adopt the chain type bucket conveyor and scraper conveyor etc.  

Rice bran oil making machine :