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Get the most preferential price rice bran machine

Product feature of rice bran oil press:

This machine is made of best alloy steel as main material. The struction with the square rods and rice bran oil pressing screwing are made of pressing room. The net has high yield, high yield efficiency, the advantages of the output is the rice bran oil processing machinery in advanced machinery. Thisrice bran oil press machine have below obvious feature:

1.Rice bran oil producing(the rate of the outlet oil I>94%), Residued oil of the Cake is very small raw oil is very clear

2. The rice bran oil press machine's material is best, the spare parts after quenching conditioning treatment, wear resistance and long service life

3. The gear box is made of special leaf gear design, Load small, less consumption, work low noise.

Suibable for the rice bran oil press material:

Suitable for Physical squeezing all kinds of vegetables oil material, such as soybean, cottonseed, peanut, rapeseed, sunflower, teaseed, coconut dry, Gendarmerie seed and palm kernel etc. Special suitable for squeezing shell peanuts, rice bran, cottonseed, low oil fuel.


Rice bran oil plant as introduction :