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Why it need rice bran oil making machine in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, located in the fertile Bengal delta, is the world's population of eighth countries,and is also one of the world's most densely populated countries..Rice is grown almost in Bangladesh , so choosing good rice bran oil making machine is essential. In Bangladesh, the main crops are rice, potato, sorghum and wheat.Bangladesh has early monsoon season, late monsoon season and dry season irrigation three crop growth season.Monsoon season,people usually sow in May to August and harvest from November to December; During early monsoon season, people usually plant at the end of May to mid-May,and July to August harvest.For irrigation early season crops, it usually sown in December to January the following year. April to May it is the season of harvest in the following year.Rice is grown almost in Bangladesh.Wheat is the most important import food crops, corn imports also ranked the top five.In Bangladesh, the top three export of agricultural products is as jute, potato and bleached cotton.In recent years, the planting area and yield of maize and soybean showed a significant upward trend.On the contrary, the wheat planting area and yield showed a significant downward trend.


Advanced rice bran oil making machine: